Just coming off of a world tour with their grandfather, George Clinton, the multi platinum leader of the Parliament-Funkadelic-P-Funk All Stars Universe, Kandy Apple Redd are now taking the time out to focus on their solo career and are gearing up to release their first album in Winter 2015. With a grandfather like George Clinton, you can only expect the girls to have that funky sound, however they’ve added their own “flava,” giving their music an R&B and pop twist, with a dose of high energy and girl power.

“We come from the FUNK so we don’t have to be tied down to 1 genre. Granddad has showed us how to branch out and experiment with new funky sounds. We are not afraid to be different and add our own flavor.”
During the hustle and bustle of tour life, they still find time to record and currently have a remix to their grandfathers song, “Brothers be like George,” which includes Ice Cube and Kendrick Lamar and was even remixed by Louie Vega, a godfather of global dance music.
Aided and abetted by some of the greatest writers in the P-funk family, Kandy Apple Redd has all the ammunition that is needed in the modern music game. The lifespan of their grandfather’s style of music, accurately called P-Funk, has been around longer than most of us living in this world. The seventh, and newest generation has brought this musical family to new heights with the grandchildren of Clinton, Tonysha Nelson and Patavian Lewis who came together to form Kandy Apple Redd. The fresh female duo has spent countless swaths of their young lives immersed in the music of their families, and duly entrenched in their own musical exploits, interests and endeavors. Coming from influences ranging from R&B of all eras, Hip Hop, Soul, Jazz, Gospel, Rock and of course, P-funk, Kandy Apple Red has been preparing with a vision often heralded in their family to pursue and preserve the musical legacy that is subject to their heredity, and more importantly, to stake a claim out on their own.
“We always loved to sing and we drove people crazy in the house,” laughs the girls. “Our favorite movie was Sister Act 2 and it stayed on REPEAT. Our defining moment was in our late teens when we begged the P-Funk family to listen, and Paul Hill was the first to take us in the studio. From there everyone came on board and started grooming us and that built our confidence way up.”

The girls have played in many major venues and festivals around the world such as the Glastonbury festival, Wilderness Festival, Dimension festival; the world famous Apollo Theater in New York, House of Blues, BB Kings, Howard Theater, Fox theater, Nokia club, Billboard Live Japan, Paradiso Amsterdam, and O2 academy, to name a few.

“The shows we do are very diverse since we perform with Parliament Funkadelic the audience is very broad. Sometime’s you look into the crowd and all you see are young hippies and college kids. Other times we might do a show with Cameo and Keith sweat and that is a totally different crowd. So we get a lot of exposure to a wide range of people.”

You can catch Kandy Apple Redd at one of their upcoming shows, performing in Los Angeles Ca September 7 at Exposition Park, Mt. Pleasant, Michigan on September 10th at Soaring Eagle Casino; Mobile, Alabama on October 2, for Bay Fest, New Orleans La October 3 House of Blues, San Diego Ca October 24 The observatory , Santa Ana Ca October 25 Beach Goth Fest.

“Kandy Apple Redd stands for Individuality. We want people from different races and backgrounds to be inspired by us. We want to be a positive influence on our generation and make music that restores confidence, love, and good vibes.”

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